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Intending to get your business set up in Dubai free zone? There are approximately over 30 free zones in the emirate and houses some of the most prominent ones in the UAE.   These jurisdictions offer world-class infrastructure, business amenities, access to freehold property and more. Moreover, business setup in Dubai free zone usually has favourable tax and customs rates.   The UAE is one of the leading business hubs attracting global investors and entrepreneurs over the years. Furthermore, it is a constantly evolving economy and the major advancements provide business communities to grow and thrive.

Find the most suitable free zone for company formation in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai free zones provides access to various amenities. It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of various benefits. The free zones include:

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is one of the leading free zones in Dubai. It is the only business-to-business (B2B) focused free zone in the UAE. Company formation in IFZA offers scalable business solutions, excellent infrastructure, and a straightforward business setup process. Through our partnership with IFZA, CMSbiz can offer you the most economical and quickest business setup in IFZA, Dubai. We can help you with company formation in over 1,000 activities related to trade, service, and consultancy in IFZA from our Dubai office.

Dubai South Free zone (DSF)

At CMSbiz we assist SMEs & international businesses to start companies in Dubai South Free zone. Dubai South is a multi-purpose free zone in the UAE. Dubai South is located near the Jebel Ali Port & the Al Maktoum International Airport. Dubai South will host iconic events in 2020 – making it a prime area for company setups. This will offer business setup in Dubai South feasibility & facilitate extensive trade opportunities.    

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Setting up a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis can be very fruitful as the free zone is completely owned by the government of UAE. The free zone is situated in an area conjoining the Dubai and Al Ain road. It encompasses a mix concept of residential, commercial and industrial space making it a multi-purpose jurisdiction for a range of business setups. CMSbiz has guided technological, electronical & engineering sectors to start a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Dubai Internet City is a free zone aiding as a technological hub. We have supported 500 fortune companies, SMEs & business startups to start offices and businesses in the region. CMSbiz makes starting a business in Dubai Internet City simple and easy. For more details on setting up a company in Dubai Internet City, speak with an expert.

Dubai Airport Free Zone

DAZFA is an ideal location for transport and logistics companies & businesses involved in import and export. The proximity to the Dubai International Airport allows Dubai Airport Free Zone to have a dedicated logistics centre which provides cargo handling facilities. DAFZA also offers round-the-clock customs clearance services and quick cargo clearance. To setup, speak to us now!


The world’s leading financial services companies are present in DIFC, which also hosts its own arbitration court and independent regulator. Thousands of financial services and related companies have established businesses within DIFC. If you want to setup you finance company in Dubai or any other business in the region, speak with an expert.

Jebel Ali Free zone (JAFZA)

CMSbiz has helped many of our clients to setup a business in Jebel Ali free zone. Jebel Ali free zone also known as JAFZA is the first free zone in the entire Middle East. JAFZA is located close to the Jebel Ali Port as well as the Dubai International Airport. The proposed Al Maktoum airport is also coming up close to the JAFZA, which is easily accessible from the Dubai Metro. All of this makes it ideal for importing, exporting & trading business in the UAE.

Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone (DHCC)

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free zone is a healthcare community that is built in the heart of the city. This is also the world’s largest healthcare free zone. Established in 2002, DHCC has become a hub for healthcare related businesses. The Dubai Healthcare City promises high-quality, multi-use healthcare and wellness centres with suitability in the residential and commercial enterprises. To set up your company at DHCC, speak to our expert business consultants now.  

Dubai Cars and Automotive City (DUCAMZ)

Dubai Cars and Automotive City free zone was established in the year 2000, with an ingenuity to re-export high-end used cars in the UAE to the Asian and African markets. Company formation in the free zone also provides excellent networking – not only through transportation but also in terms of collaborating with other automobile enterprises. DUCAMZ undoubtedly accelerated the growth of the automobile industry across the country. You can get your company started with our legal corporate advisors now.  

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) Free Zone

Launched in 2003, Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) free zone is a part of the Technology, Electronic, Commerce and Media (TECOM) group. nowledge Park in Dubai is an ideal place for free zone company formation as it gives prominence to the vision of a new Dubai ahead of Expo 2020. Moreover, the DKV free zone defines the key concept of Dubai’s knowledge-based economy. Get in touch with our expert consultants to set up your company in DKV.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Titled the world’s number 1 free zone, DMCC is located in the heart of Dubai and offers an array of opportunities for the retail and commerce sector. It was formed in 2002 and has since then been recognized as the free zone with maximum number of company formations. It is also one of two free zones in the UAE that allow crypto-commodities trading. Want to set up your company in DMCC free zone? Call our legal corporate advisors and get started right away.

Dubai Studio City (DSC) Free Zone

Dubai Studio City free zone is one of the leading communities for film and television production in the region. Launched in 2005, the free zone is a part of TECOM investments. It is home to over 270 companies including local and international media companies based in the UAE. The free zone came into the picture with the initiative to empower the region’s film industry. This makes it one of the best free zones for mega production companies. For more details, contact our expert consultants.

Dubai Maritime City free zone (DMCA)

The Dubai Maritime City free zone is the only specialised maritime hub in the UAE. It is also part of the Dubai World Group of Companies. Dubai Maritime City was established to increase the efforts made by the local maritime competitiveness. DMCA free zone is the driving force behind Dubai’s approaches to promote the maritime sector and the government of Dubai intends to make the emirate one of the world’s best maritime capitals. To learn more about setting up a company in DMCA, contact our expert business consultants.

Dubai Science Park (DSP)

Dubai Science Park was launched in 2005. It was established to aid in developing a knowledge-based economy, the DSP free zone provides a unique business environment with specialised infrastructure, supportive facilities, expansion and variation in the capital movement. The Dubai Science Park free zone is the only commercial jurisdiction in the world to offer companies and industries dedicated to life science. In addition, it also comes with an array of benefits. Find more about setting up a company in this free zone by contacting out expert business consultants.

Dubai Outsource City (DSC)

Dubai Outsource City is a part of Internet City and has been developed by TECOM. The free zone was established in 2007 to adhere to the increasing popularity of outsourcing organizations in the region. It offers world-class infrastructure, integrated support centres, call centres, data centres, and more. It also offers facilities management services as well as 24 hours security services to companies based in the jurisdiction. To learn about setting up your company in Dubai Outsource City free zone, contact our expert business consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Dubai free zone license cost?

Dubai Free zone license will vary depending on the jurisdiction you opt for. However, the starting price of the license is approximately AED 11,900.

What is the difference between Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZCO)?

There can only be a single shareholder for a Free Zone Establishment whereas there can be two or more shareholders for a Free Zone Company.

What is the process of business setup in the Dubai free zone?

The following are the steps to register a free zone company in the Dubai:  

  • Choose your preferred jurisdiction
  • Choose your preferred company structure
  • Apply for business registration
  • Obtain approvals from relevant authorities
  • Submit all required documents
  • Payment of license fee

There may be additional steps depending upon the free zone you choose to incorporate your company.

What is the cost of free zone company setup in Dubai?

It costs approximately AED 12,000 to set up your free zone business in Dubai.

How much does it cost for an office space in Dubai free zone?

The starting price for a smart desk would cost approximately AED 5,000 whereas a physical office space would cost approximately AED 18,000.

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